The CatKinsons ¡Más o Menos! Rules

The CatKinsons ¡Más o Menos is a mini-game created by CatKinson $PURR to engage with the community, spread prizes and try to increase $PURR liquidity pool on DEXes!

Please follow all the instruction in the mini-game page!

General Rules:

1) Only 1 Entry per Person!

2) To Join you need to A) Fill in the Predictions Form B) Send ADA & PURR to complete registration!

3) Mini-Game will last 7 days from Publish day of the form(10:00 PM CET TIME):

From the date of the Announcement of the Mini-Game Users have 72 hours to join! If you join after 72 hours, you will participate to the next week mini-game no worries!!!

4) The Predictions Form will be updated each week/mini-game

5) Once, the form is submitted your predictions cannot be edited!

6) Each correct prediction is worth 10 points

7) Wrong answers do not deduct any point!

8) If 2 or more users have the same score, the one sending earlier the form will be the winner!

9) Winners will be announced weekly and monthly!

10) Prices (Results of the mini-game) will be taken at 10:00 PM CET Time of the Final Day!

11) Prizes will be in $PURR, $ADA, CNFT!

12) Weekly/Monthly Prizes will depends on the number of participations