The CatKinsons CNFT

The CatKinsons ERA is coming!

In order to fail our 0 Value Mission we have elaborated a Catbolik Plan to go to the moon!

Our Ultimate Goal is to create a Breeding and Battle P2E Game!

Our 2 first CNFT Seasons will be used to generate the initial game assets (3D!!!)

The Lil CatKinsons are specials!!!

Season 1: Featuring Mrs.CatKinson Launched on January, 21st 2022

Policy ID: bab3599e728f209b157e2c8fb122b8b9e1d3daa74c57c4e3f665f6ab

1,000 Unique Mrs. CatKinson with several attributes making them all exquisitely cool!

Buy Mrs CatKinsons on Secondary Market:



Season 2: Featuring Mr. CatKinson

Policy ID: 689a968894defc17d80f64dd83b2ab1f11d8ffee23a41eba623d530f

1,000 Unique Mr. CatKinson with several attributes making them all extremely elegant!

Launch: 31st of March / Pre-Sale 29th of March for Season 1 Holders

Season 3?!?