CatKinson $PURR The Original Cat MeMe Token on Cardano, destined to Moon!!

Be always Alert of scammers and scum bags – We will never DM you for asking your secret keyphrase or password!!

Official CatKinson $PURR Policy ID: d3a034e403b98cbdb0adbc8a3144d7779330916e190d387815bb85c6

MRS CatKinson CNFT Policy ID: bab3599e728f209b157e2c8fb122b8b9e1d3daa74c57c4e3f665f6ab

MR CatKinson CNFT Policy ID: 689a968894defc17d80f64dd83b2ab1f11d8ffee23a41eba623d530f

1. Why CatKinson?
We are tired of all this Dogs, Wolfs and Woof Woof Meme Coins Promising the Moon, Mars, Saturn,Pluto! We were born as a Cat MeME Token, now we are destined to moon with our P2E Battle & Breeding Game!

2. Which is the total Supply?
Total Supply is 100,000,000,000! 15% to the Dev Team, 15% For Community Giveaways, 70% For Sale

3. Why shall I buy?
Please note you should not buy CatKinson! This is not a financial advice! Our goal is to have $PURR as our Play-2-Earn In-Game Currency!

4. I love throwing ADA away, so I still want CatKinson, how can I proceed? CatKinson $PURR is Listed on 4 Cardano DEXes:

4.1) MinSwap
4.2) MueslySwap
4.3) SundaeSwap

5. Wen Moon? Wen Lambo? Wen you do something?
Our ultimate goal is to launch a play 2 earn battle and breeding game! In order to do so, we are launching 2 CNFT Seasons! Mrs CatKinson and Mr CatKinson! Initial Breeding will generate 3D Game Assets CNFTS!!!

6. Where I can Mint Mrs CatKinson CNFT?
You can adopt Mrs CatKinson here Price is 25 Ada for 1 / 50 ADA for 2 / 60 ADA for 3 / 80 ADA for 4!

7. Am I receiving extra Free $PURR when I mint?
Yes, we are airdropping together with CNFTs our token $PURR till we sell out!

8. How can I get Free $PURR?
We are on DripDropz where you can claim free $PURR!

9.Next Plan? Next Goal is to start breeding of 3D Lil Catkinson in June/July! All remaining 3D Lil CatKinsons will be available for public mint!

ALL OUR LINKS: https://linktr.ee/CatKinson

Stay $PURR