CNFT Season 3: The CatKinsons 3D Mint is Live

The CatKinson $PURR

The CatKinson $PURR is on Cardano

CatKinson $PURR The Cat MeMe Token, destined to Moon!!
Born as a meme token, we then decided to launch our CNFT Collections and give utility some utility to our purrfect token $PURR!!!
Season 1: 423 Mrs CatKinson Minted
Season 2: 269 Mr. CatKinson Minted
Season 3: Minting Now

$PURR is listed on 3Cardano DEXes:

Our CNFTs Collections

Season 1: Mrs CatKinson

Season 2: Mr CatKinson

Season 3: The CatKinsons 3D