The CatKinson $PURR

The CatKinson $PURR is on Cardano

CatKinson $PURR The Cat MeMe Token, destined to Moon!!
Born as a meme token, we then decided to launch our CNFT Collections and give utility to our $PURR token as our In-Game Currency!
Season 1: 1000 Mrs CatKinson – Launched on 21st of January
Season 2: 1000 Mr. CatKinson – Launched on 21 of February
Season 3: ??? 3D Little Catkinsons –> Date TBC (June/July)

$PURR is listed on 4 Cardano DEXes:

With Season 1 and Season 2 currently minting till July we are working on our Game Assets 3D Little CatKinsons!
Holders of Season 1 and Season 2 will be able to get 3D Lil CatKinsons through breeding, all the remaining ones will be minted with public sale

Our CNFTs Collections

Mrs CatKinson

Mr CatKinson

CatKinson 3D

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Currently Available on 4 Cardano DEXes